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EK Remote Keeps Moving my Cursor

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EK Remote Keeps Moving my Cursor

Postby khaiky5 » Tue 24. Aug 2021, 19:39

I'm using the remote with a 27qhd. If I set any button to click (left or right), pressing the button causes it to teleport to the upper left corner, as well as click. This happened when I changed PCs and I have no idea what is causing it. Any ideas?

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Re: EK Remote Keeps Moving my Cursor

Postby DerHolle3 » Mon 6. Sep 2021, 06:18

I have exactly the same problem and the support from Wacom did not offer me a solution. The proposed solution was a clean reinstallation of the driver. The problem does not occur with the previous version of the current driver.

When I "click" on the brush, it works. Only with the remote EK it doesn't work.

I think we can only hope for a new driver version.

Write to the support so that they notice that the problem occurs more often.

If someone has a suggestion for a solution, I would be very happy. =)

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Re: EK Remote Keeps Moving my Cursor

Postby sl59lee » Fri 24. Sep 2021, 03:47

I have same issue here

(EK remote button mapped as mouse click sends cursor to the top left corner of screen where the ring mark appear)

Wacom support suggested two things below, and said they are working to solve similar issue for next driver update

1) Operate wacom pen before anything else, after start up

2) Try to see if issue is resolved with previous Wacom driver

For me 1) did not seem to work, but 2) solved problem

In addition, 2) made me to map middle mouse click in Wacom pen. (Right click worked with pen, but somehow middle click did not work with my pen on current driver)

I guess I will stick to previous driver until next update.

Oh btw, I could not retore backup preferences which I have backed up from the new driver. With the old driver installed, it seems that I can only restore the settings that i have backed up from the old (or older) driver

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Re: EK Remote Keeps Moving my Cursor

Postby DerHolle3 » Thu 28. Oct 2021, 06:41


the new driver (6.3.44-3) solves my problem with the Curser.

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