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Wacom Cintiq goes into power saver mode after Mac load screen

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Wacom Cintiq goes into power saver mode after Mac load screen

Postby mariyapy » Fri 17. Sep 2021, 03:11

I'm using a Cintiq 22HD with a second monitor on Mojave. After the Mac load screen, the display goes into power saver mode repeatedly. I see a dark screen and short flashes of the power saver box periodically, sometimes for no more than a second or too, like it got cut short. I can tell the screen is still registering something because in my two-screen set up, I see my cursor disappear to the Cintiq side of the screens. I can also type my password to log in.

My equipment had just been fedex'd to me, and prior to that everything was working fine.

I had this happen years ago at one of my previous jobs with a Wacom that wasn't mine and I just can't for the life of me remember what the solution was. Hope this rings a bell for someone. I'm not able to work until I get this fixed!!

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Re: Wacom Cintiq goes into power saver mode after Mac load screen

Postby wacom5 » Mon 20. Sep 2021, 08:57

Sorry but this was not clear to me - does the "no signal" appear immediately when you power ON the device (after the Wacom logo pops up) or only after you log in?

I would start by checking the video cables and if you are using any 3rd party cable adapters, try replacing these first.
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