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tablet keeps losing its settings

tablet keeps losing its settings

Postby TABUSER » Mon 4. Apr 2011, 11:46

My tablet keeps losing its settings.
If I use the tablet preferences panel to customise for an added app there
is a chance (about 1 in 10 I think) that the preferences will go away a
couple of seconds after I click on the icon for the app for which I am
trying to customise settings.
The tablet then immediately reverts to default settings and I can not
reload my settings from my backup file. The utility app says it has
successfully restored the settings but the defaults are still there.
I have removed the software and reinstalled it several times but I am
never able to restore preferences. On one occasion the Wacom utility did
restore settings, but only on one occasion.
Mac Pro 2.66, OSX 10.5.8, Wacom 6.1.6-4.
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Re: tablet keeps losing its settings

Postby Wacom » Tue 5. Apr 2011, 08:35

That is rather strange. Does that happen with any app you want to customize settings for ? Otherwise I suspect the driver has a problem trying to save the setting in the preference file. Uninstall the driver, restart OSX and use disk utility to repair permissions. Then install the driver again and test it.
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