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Intuos Pro M 2017 Touch not working

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Intuos Pro M 2017 Touch not working

Postby rohmux1980 » Sun 11. Jun 2017, 19:05

Hello, i'm new in this forum and hope to get some help.

I just bought a new Intuos Pro M 2017. When i first start Linux on my computer i could get almost everything to work including Touch.
After Setting up the driver in Windows (Dual Boot) and upgrading Firmware for pen, bluetooth and express keys, touch isn't working anymore but everything else is ok. The same is now on linux.
I then tried to use the tablet on my mac book pro but with the same result.
I reinstalled the Driver twice. The only diagnostic hint i got through the manual was checking the lights on the tablet when touching the surface but that didn't work too.
Is there anything else i can do before sending the device back?

PS: Using the search with words like "touch" "problem" and so on will not work as they are to common, sorry if i missed a post about this issue.

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Re: Intuos Pro M 2017 Touch not working

Postby edenexposito » Mon 10. Jul 2017, 17:42

I Have the same problem. Have you resolved that?

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Re: Intuos Pro M 2017 Touch not working

Postby OCDnibwear » Thu 31. Aug 2017, 14:29

You may want to try seeing if the touch button on the side of the tablet is switched on. If it was switched on, try switching it off for a moment and switch it back on again.

If that still won't work you may want to try something like these under linux (via terminal):

Code: Select all

xsetwacom --get "Wacom Intuos Pro M Finger touch" touch

To see if the touch is either "on" or "off".

Code: Select all

xsetwacom --set "Wacom Intuos Pro M Finger touch" touch off

To turn touch functionality off.

Code: Select all

xsetwacom --set "Wacom Intuos Pro M Finger touch" touch on

To turn touch functionality on.

* There are no problems, only solutions: How to configure Wacom Intuos Express Keys on Linux
* Disabling Wacom Bamboo touch in Linux | East Asia Student

As a last ditch effort to get touch functionality working again (for me, but I have never updated the firmware due to OS incompatibility), you may want to try unplugging the USB cable for a brief moment and plug it back in to see if you can regain touch functionality.
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OS: Archlinux x86_64

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Re: Intuos Pro M 2017 Touch not working

Postby wacom1 » Fri 1. Sep 2017, 12:21

If touch isn't working after firmware update, first restart your machine and test again. Check touch in the driver diagnostics. - If it still fails, it could be that something went wrong during firmware update and you should contact Wacom support for help.

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