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Bamboo pen and touch blinking white light ):

Bamboo pen and touch blinking white light ):

Postby yko31 » Sat 23. Jun 2012, 23:17

I'm trying to run my new Bamboo Pen and Touch, CTH-460/K(A) on my Windows 7 laptop. When I plug it in, the light on the tablet blinks white. I think this means it won't recognize the drivers. I used to use a Bamboo Fun, and I figured the old drivers are messing with the new tablet, so I've uninstalled all my previous drivers, restarted my computer, deleted the C:\Program Files\Tablet folder, searched for tablet.dat to delete but couldn't find it, cleaned my registry, and everything short of clean installing Windows. The tablet is plugged in directly into my laptop, and I have tested it all the usb ports. Still a blinking white light.

I tested the tablet on my friend's laptop, which has never had another tablet's drivers installed on it, and it worked perfectly, so it isn't hardware problems. I'm convinced the old drivers are messing with it, but I can't seem to be able to root it out. So much sadness ): Help would be much appreciated!
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Re: Bamboo pen and touch blinking white light ):

Postby Wacom » Mon 25. Jun 2012, 11:31

When you plug the tablet into a USB port, at first the Windows HID mouse driver should be activated. The tablet should work with a tablet driver as mouse device (the Bamboo touch models with work as single finger trackpad). Go to Windows device manager. If there is an unknown device, remove the entry. Unplug and replug the tablet, if necessary tell Windows to look for the driver in \WINDOWS\INF\hidserv.inf.

When that is accepted, the blinking should stop. Then install the tablet driver for full functionality.
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