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Touch Ring / Strip or Express Keys don't work like expected

Touch Ring / Strip or Express Keys don't work like expected

Postby Wacom1 » Tue 26. Jun 2012, 13:27

The Touch Ring / Touch Strip / Express Key commands don't work like expected in my application.
For example the brush size doesn't change / Layers are not switched when choosing the respective function for my Touch Ring / Touch Strip.
Resetting the driver preferences or checking for application specific settings did not help.

What is the issue and why does this happen:
The Wacom driver sends keystrokes for most of the commands to the active application. These keystrokes are received from the software (like e.g. Photoshop) and the expected action is executed.
Now not every keyboard layout is the same over the world. Especially in Europe we see many different layouts - Englisch, French, Spanish, German and some more. The special characters are distributed differently over the keyboard.
In addition, every keyboard layout "hides" some special characters. This means that e.g. the square brackets are only available over the "AltGr" key on a German keyboard. This characters cannot be used to trigger a keyboard shortcut.
The software creators work around this issue by assigning different keyboard shortcut sets to the different language versions of their software.
The Wacom driver now checks the system locale and sends the localized keyboard shortcuts to the respective application.

This does only work, if the system language, the software language and the keyboard layout are set to the same language.
In case you run e.g. a German Windows OS, have a German keyboard but your Photoshop is English you won't be able to execute the keyboard shortcuts - even from the keyboard.

First make sure that you can reach all needed functionalities of the software from your keyboard. This might need changing keyboard shortcuts in the software itself.
Then open the Wacom driver control panel. For the professional driver (Intuos, Cintiq) create a new application specific profile for the needed settings.
Change the respective settings to the same values as you have been able to use from the keyboard.
When now your software and the Wacom driver are set up to use the same keyboard shortcuts, the Touch Ring / Touch Strip or Express Key functions should work as expected again.
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